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Cote di Mezzo

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 5lt can

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Format: 5 litres

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At 500 meters above sea level, among the luxuriant Calabrian hills, is the Cote di mezzo agricultural company. Tradition and innovation come together to give life to an oil that recalls the history and culture handed down for generations while maintaining a constant link with the present. 4500 secular olive trees cultivated in the cradle of ancient Magna Graecia inspired the choice of the name: "Aristeo"...

According to Greek mythology Poseidon and Athena challenged each other to whoever offered the most useful gift to the people; the first offered the most powerful and fastest horse, while the second a new tree: the olive tree. Zeus, king of the gods and judge of the competition, had no doubts about which gift was the most useful and awarded the victory to Athena. If Athena is given credit for the birth of the first olive tree, it is to Aristeo, also known as the "excellent god", who traces the first cultivation and pressing of olives.

The extra virgin olive oil is produced from the olive trees owned by the Company, 100% Italian
and cultivated exclusively under organic farming. It is the result of a blend made up of two cultivars: CAROLEA and PENNULARA. October and November are the months dedicated to the olive harvest, as they reach the right degree of ripeness. Within a few hours of harvesting, the olives are taken to the nearby mill; weighing, defoliation and washing are the first stages of extraction. The subsequent pressing process consists in grinding the pulp and the stone of the olives to reduce them into a paste which, by kneading, is continuously mixed so as to allow the drops of oil to coagulate and be extracted. At this moment, temperature control is essential, as is the mixing time. To preserve the quantity of polyphenols and therefore guarantee a quality oil, the temperature must be kept low and in the total absence of air. Through pressing, the paste separates and the liquid part is conveyed into the separator which, using the centrifugal force, separates the oil from the vegetable water. Here is the most exciting moment that pays off the hard work: dripping gold and inebriating the sight with its bright and vivid colour, the taste with aromatic notes that are not forgotten and the sense of smell with the unmistakable soft and enveloping scent.

  • Origin: Cotronei (KR)
  • Ingredients: 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil that comes from a blend between the two native Calabrian varieties of Carolea cultivar and Pennulara cultivar
  • Expiration: it is counted from 15 months from  the bottling date (maximum 18 months, as per regulation)
  • Format: 5Lt

Energy                          828 Kcal / 3404 Kj
Fat                             92g
of which saturated fatty acids 14g
monosaturated fat          71g
polysaturating fats               7g
Carbohydrates                    0g
of which sugars                0g
Proteins 0g
Sale                                 0g


Ingredients: 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil which comes from a blend between the two native Calabrian varieties of the Carolea cultivar and the Pennulara cultivar

Nutritional values

Energy 828 Kcal/ 3404 Kj
Fat 92g
of which saturated fatty acids 14g
monosaturated fats 71g
polysaturated fats 7g
Carbohydrates 0g
of which sugars 0g
Protein 0g
Salt 0g

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Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva BIO da 5 l - Olio
Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva BIO da 5 l - Olio

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