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Sila PGI potatoes

Sila PGI potatoes

Formato: 1,5 Kg

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Potato grown in Sila, CALABRIA, yellow paste in convenient 1.5kg bags each.

The Sila potato is a mountain product, grown on the Calabrian plateau at about 1200 meters above sea level. It has a round-oval shape, a resistant and rustic taste. The Silana potato is appreciated for its excellent culinary qualities, its soil rich in potassium, its irrigation with spring water and a microclimate with strong temperature variations[_0127_5_1 ] which give it unique characteristics: it is a tuber of the Solanum Tuberosum species, of the Solanaceae family, produced in the Agria (yellow paste), Desirèe (red), Ditta, Majestic, Marabel, Nicola varieties.

The cultivation of potatoes in Sila Calabrese has a long and documented history. In 1955 the "Centro Silano for Multiplication and Selection of Seed Potatoes" was born with the competition to promote the dissemination of the seed certificate. Some studies at the end of the 1980s (1988) attest that the Sila Plateau was among the major seed potato production basins, recording the largest ever average size of the establishments.

Thanks to a tendentially favored terrain and particular climatic conditions, the Sila plateau is distinguished by a high quality production.


  • Caliber: 45-75 mm
  • Variety: Agria - Marabel - Nicola - Desiree - Company
  • Packaging: bags of  1,5KG

Excellent for classic preparations if potatoes are used. In Calabria the potato is used in typical recipes:

Wrapped potatoes
The peculiarity of this dish lies entirely in the method of preparation, encountered the road between the pan and stewed cooking, which produces the potatoes, to be returned immediately, crispy on the outside, soft in the heart but, above all, mpacchiuse, or "sticky" ” " among them. The name of the parrot derives from the way in which it was prepared, i.e. cooked in a little oil, cut into rounds, to ensure that they stick together between the parrots. I'm not usually served as a side dish, but they're also perfect as an appetizer. They can be enriched with thinly sliced Tropea onion, but also with porcini mushrooms, pepper strips, crispy bacon, sliced chilli pepper.

Calabrese ciambotta with potatoes
A rice that is handed down from our grandmothers. It is a typical Calabrian dish. A simple dish of peasant culture full of flavour. Fresh basil, tomatoes combined with the rest of the vegetables, make the ciambotta a delicious dish.

Calabrese-style pasta and potatoes
A recipe that grandma preferred to cook every Monday. Calabrian pasta and potatoes, a dish rich in the flavors of Calabria, Sila potatoes, oregano, Tropea onion, San Marzano tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil mixed at the end of raw. A recipe that was never missing on grandma's table.

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