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Casearia Crotonese Chiellino

Pecorino Fresco Casearia Crotonese Chiellino weight 400/460 g

Pecorino Fresco Casearia Crotonese Chiellino weight 400/460 g

Format: Approximately 400g

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Fresh Pecorino is produced in the Marquisate of Crotonese and is created by selecting the best whole goat's milk. A decisive, aromatic and intense perfume, the one that will arrive on your table, a unique flavor that smells of Calabria.

    • Taste: fresh pecorino has a distinct, soft and slightly acidic flavor with a thin crust.
    • Color: Pristine Milky White
    • Soft and uniform dough
    • Provenance: Marquisate of Crotone
    • Weight CUT SHIPPED VACUUM-PACKED: 280-380g
    • Ingredients: 
  • Sheep's milk, rennet, salt, black pepper. NO PRESERVATIVES NO DYES
  • Vacuum storage times: 12 MONTHS
  • Maturing: 20 DAYS
  • Salting times: 12 hours in brine

The Chiellino family has been producing cheeses since 1925 respecting the ancient Calabrian recipes and creating a unique product of its kind.

    Aromatic Sensations

    A characteristic light smell of sheep's milk harmoniously linked with other smells will immerse you in uncontaminated places, contrasting with the hay, ripe field herbs, hints of hazelnut and smoke.

    Product production process:
    Pasteurized milk at 72 degrees cooled to 36 degrees, grafting of lactic ferments and rennet for curd production, collection of this in special molds, stewing of the cheese in special tanks for an hour at 65 degrees.

    Since 1925 tradition, attachment to the territory and care for the product have been the distinctive features that the Chiellino family has been carrying on in the production, processing and marketing of dairy products from the Crotone area.

    Proteine 17 g/100g

    Fiber 0g/l00g

    Sodium 498mg/100g

    Humidity 38%

    Kcal 422 g/100g

    Grassi 39 g/100g

    of which saturated fatty acids 19 g/100g

    Carbohydrates 0.8g/100g

    Of which sugars 0.8 g/100g

    Sale 1,24 g/100g


    Sheep's milk, rennet, salt, black pepper. NO PRESERVATIVES NO DYES

    Nutritional values

    Protein 17 g/100g

    Fiber 0 g/l00g

    Sodium 498 mg/100 g

    Humidity 38%

    Kcal 422 g/100g

    Fat 39 g/100g

    of which saturated fatty acids 19 g/100g

    Carbohydrates 0.8 g/100g

    Of which sugars 0.8 g/100g

    Salt 1.24 g/100g


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    What do I do for fresh products?

    I pay a lot of attention to the quality and shipping of my fresh products.

    In fact, I package them in isothermal bags sealed with ice lollies or with EPS (sintered expanded polystyrene) boxes , which keep the temperature constant for the entire time necessary for the delicacies to arrive from Calabria to your home.

    The freshness of the products will not be affected in the slightest by the journey!

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