My suggestions of the week

I'll give you some suggestions to better enjoy Calabria. Every week I propose my Calabrian delicacies that I recommend based on the season!

My artisanal Calabrian cheeses

Calabrian cheeses have an ancient tradition of aromas typical of our beautiful Calabria. Inside we find the famous Crotone pecorino DOP, culinary excellence of Made in Italy recognized for their goodness all over the world. Calabrian provola with its unique flavor created artfully with a recipe that has been handed down from father to son for over 50 years.

I Piccanti Calabresi

Una selezione di prodotti piccanti calabresi. Pasta, Salumi, sughi e la nostra formidabile Nduja Calabrese famosa il tutto il mondo ti trasporteranno da casa tua nella tua amata Calabria, terra di profumi e sapori inimitabili.

Grandma puts her heart into it


    Delivery in 48/72 hours. Thermally insulated packaging to maintain freshness and tastes unaltered.


    We proudly preserve the delicious ancient recipes of our beloved Calabria.


    Taste the typical Calabrian flavours, with rigorously selected elements.


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  • Artisan cured meats

Do you have important guests and don't want to disappoint their expectations?

Grandma comes to your aid: I recommend the best from my pantry.

Your special occasions will thus be a guaranteed success, according to Nonna!

Calabria Deluxe

If you are a true lover of spicy, intense and decisive flavours, this is the box for you.

The selected products are ideal for creating dishes that best reflect my land.

Calabrian Verace

Our cured meats, typical Calabrian products , are the result of the artisanal art of our expert butchers, who work with passion and dedication.

Each product we offer is a unique work of culinary art , the distinctive feature of our cured meats is their purity. Ancient tradition of Calabria.

Artisan cured meats
Pecorino Crotonese nobile DOP semiduro Peso 450/500g circa
’Nduja Calabrese di Spilinga Artigianale Spalmabile in orba
Salsiccia Artigianale Naturale Piccante e Dolce Di Papanice
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