Pitta Nchiusa o Mpigliata nonna calabrese

Recipe for Pitta Nchiusa or Pitta Mpigliata by Nonna Tonia

Welcome My grandchildren, I am your Calabrian grandmother and today I am writing you the recipe of Pitta Nchiusa or Pitta Mpigliata typical sweet of San Giovanni in fiore in the province of Cosenza.

-750 gr of flour00
-3 heaping tablespoons of sugar
-1 tablespoon of baking powder
- scraping of lemon peel and an orange
-a pinch of salt

-300 gr of raisins
-200 g of sugar
-300 gr of peeled, toasted and minced almonds
- a pinch of cinnamon
- liquefied suet (it can be substituted for vegetable butter suet)

Prepare a soft, fluffy and compact dough with the ingredients listed above, then divide it into two small loaves, one of which is larger than the other.
With the larger one, make two sheets with a diameter of 70 cm and a rather thin thickness.
Place the almond and raisin filling on one of the two sheets, which you will grease with a veil of suet, flavoring with cinnamon and sprinkling with a handful of sugar.
Then take the other sheet and place it on the filled one making it adhere well.

At this point cut the overlapping sheets into strips two fingers wide, being careful not to spill the filling and form large roses with them.
With the smaller loaf, form a not too thin sheet, which you will place in the pan, after having greased it with the liquefied suet.
Arrange the roses next to each other on top.

Then lift the edge of the dough and make sure it adheres well to the rosettes.
Sprinkle with granulated sugar and cook the pitta in the oven at 200º until it turns golden brown.
If during cooking the pitta seems a little dry, add some honey, this will help to obtain a very dark final colour.
Serve to your guests and don't worry about finishing it in a hurry, its conservation is long enough.
A kiss, grandma. 👵🏻♥️

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