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Bitter Bandit

Bitter Bandit

Formato: 70 cl

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Legend has it that in the magical light of summer nights, among the rugged hills of the Marquisate, sheltered from prying eyes, rituals dedicated to the midnight sun and its creatures were handed down. It is also said that at the end of each meeting, the 13 members of the ritual solemnly passed a liqueur of 13 herbs, which was the symbol of their union and their indissoluble strength. Towards the end of the 19th century, the elixir was spread in the houses of the villages and it was thus that the revealed secret released unforeseen energies which soon gave rise to events full of vitality and audacity.

The ruling classes felt threatened and soon took action against the cause that was causing that social upheaval and decided to ban the prodigious elixir.

The liqueur continued to be produced and consumed in small and secret circles and its formula was jealously preserved in the tradition of some families. Today, while keeping the formula secret, the elixir is made public to revive a story that has made the ancient spirit of Calabria unique and unrepeatable.

BANDITO, respecting tradition, remains an exclusive liqueur for the chosen few.

It's called "Amaro Bandito" and it is produced according to an ancient nineteenth-century recipe. The amaro "Bandito" is a cereal distillate flavored with 13 medicinal Calabrian botanicals. As a sweetener, caramel is not used but eucalyptus balsamic honey. It has only a small part of cane sugar which is used to extract the scent of some botanicals. It is produced and bottled exclusively in Calabria.

The bitter secret that hides the sweet madness of the gods.

The drops ofBitter BANDIT they dig into the soul and awaken it from its daily torpor.In its essence there is the rediscovered memory of lost eras, the magic of forgotten places, the wisdom of our ancestors.
Its golden formula re-emerged from the drawers of an ancient Calabrian house and has returned to renew the fire of the imagination, the rare journeys of the soul, and the indomitable spirit of the brigands of the Sila.
Far from the cold of modernity, theBitter BANDIT  is the faithful companion of the lovers of utopia and their luminous rebirths, it is the beating and eternal heart of our beloved land of Calabria.
Transformation process: Preparation of sugar solution, preparation of herbal infusion. Mixing of the two preparations, filtration, addition of natural flavourings, bottling.
water, alcohol, sugar, herbal infusion, caramel.
Packaging: Clear 0.7 l class "A" glass bottle with synthetic plastic cap.

Alcohol content: 33,3% Vol.
Glass bottle: 70 CL
From bitters to cocktails

Negrito is born from the combination of 13 herbs, the smooth flavor of Vodka contrasted with the bitter taste of Bitter and the bubbles of Tonic, the new branded cocktail BANDIT. An explosion of immense aromas and flavors of Calabria.

Strong but delicate taste, excellent as an aperitif with a slice of orange or after dinner with lime juice and rosemary.
Pleasant and delicious, the Bold remains a cocktail for the chosen few.

Preparing thel Cocktail
3 cl. by Bitter Bandit
3 cl. by Dry vodka
3 cl. by Bitter
top by Tonic water
1 slice of  Orange
Also excellent at room temperature
The liqueur was awarded as the best amaro in the Mediterranean, as part of the event “Imbibe Live London”[_06127]5 , held in London, England. The largest event in the United Kingdom dedicated to Mediterranean food and drink, which brought with it over two hundred major brands and excellent quality artisan producers.

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