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Formato: 500 g

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La Nonna Calabrese offers you an artisanal and traditional product made according to ancient Calabrian recipes. A unique ready-to-eat dish that reflects regional traditions.

It is a traditional Italian dish with very ancient origins.

Calabrian grandmother prepares it in the Calabrian version. Flavored by the scent of chilli pepper which gives it the special aroma and by the typical spices of this land.

Cut into strips or bite-sized pieces, the tripe is sold in convenient ready-to-cook trays, already washed and partially cooked.

Coming from the best selected beef, the Mediterranean tripe is ready to be cooked or baked for a few minutes.

For those who have little time to devote to cooking, it's a tasty dish. Accompanied by bread, tomato sauce, potatoes or vegetables, it is a real culinary delicacy to be eaten for lunch or dinner.

Preparation mode

Ready to be enjoyed in a few minutes, Tripe can be heated in a pot by adding ¼ glass of water, boiled and served, or heated to 700º in the microwave for 3 minutes.
INGREDIENTS: veal tripe, tomato double concentrate, water, sweet and spicy chilli powder, salt, oregano and bay leaf

Taste: typical of tripe with the addition of natural flavors
Consistency: soft and pulpy
Colour: reddish
Flavour: characteristic of Morzello (with only beef tripe), oregano predominates
Useful advice: heat in a saucepan by adding half a glass of water, bring to the boil and serve, or heat to 500° in the microwave for 3 minutes.
Indications: expose the trays to sudden changes in temperature due to 
swelling. It is important that the film is not damaged to avoid the formation of mold inside the tray.
energy value 79 (334) kcal(kj)
fat                        2.91      g
saturated fat              0.94      g
carbohydrates                1.95      g
sugars                  0.51     g
protein                 11.34    g
sali                          1.4      g

PACKAGING:  pasteurized product in tray cpet 2002 bi gr. 20,7 / film npl h330 mycar850 gr. 42

Package weight: gr. 500
STORAGE METHOD: in the refrigerator +3 / 4°. Once the package is opened, consume within 48 hours.

SHELF LIFE: 120 days

Quando spedisco?

Affido ogni pacco pronto, ai miei nipoti del corriere espresso, che consegnano in 48/72 h lavorative.

Tieni d'occhio la mail e il telefono: ti invio sempre aggiornamenti che ti dicono dove si trova il tuo pacco.

Come faccio per i prodotti freschi?

Presto molta attenzione alla qualità e alla spedizione dei miei prodotti freschi.

Infatti, li confeziono in buste isotermiche sigillate con dei ghiaccioli oppure con casse in EPS (polistirene espanso sinterizzato), che mantengono la temperatura costante per tutto il tempo necessario a far arrivare le prelibatezze dalla Calabria a casa tua.

La freschezza dei prodotti non verrà minimamente intaccata dal viaggio!

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